Sometimes a bigger, badder, more important fight than whatever personal squabbles you have with your biology and chemistry shows up on your doorstep. With a Herschel backpack full of oppression and student debt. This podcast may offend you. Even though I don’t actually voice my opinions on anything other than […]

The One About SJW’s

Going over several habits I’ve been using to successfuly (So far…) remain stable. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

How I’m Staying Stable / Bipolar Disorder

There is no way to say “Catholic girls school” in a sentence that doesn’t sound sexual. Even if you use it in context. (And boy is that even more wrong. Er. More Wronger.) I haven’t been able to make videos in a long time! I feel like it’s been ages, […]

Going To A Re-Purposed Catholic Girls School

Peer support, work center, occupational therapist, government program, psychiatrist… All these different support/work programs feel like I’ve been shoved out of a car on the highway and have to either hit the ground running or tumble into a wall. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android […]

Blog – Support Groups, And Emotional Exhaustion

A couple of things I’ve picked up over the years that no therapist or psychiatrist (Or book) has ever told me. They are handy behavioral tools for telling where you are in a Bipolar depressive/irritable/manic cycle. I hope it comes in handy!   Kickass intro tunes by Cosmic Analog Ensemble, […]

2 Quick Tips For Managing Bipolar Disorder

I receivedĀ a few anon questions on Tumblr today and I started wondering about the eagerness and honesty with which I leapt to reply. I love getting questions to answer (like everyone on Tumblr does), and I love that the nature of anonymity means people can and will ask things too […]

Anon Mail – Sexy Type Feelings

Of all the stigmas out there, those centered around sex always seem to be the worst. But not many people talk about hypersexuality – which is a VERY common thing to have if you’re Bipolar. But it’s not just limited to Bipolar Disorder, it is a symptom associated with many […]

What’s It Like To Be Hypersexual? (Bipolar Probs)